Information on Electric Vehicle Throttle

ev throttle

Electric Vehicle Throttle is one of the main functions and without it not possible to run the vehicle at desired speed.

First we will discuss no. of each component of Electric Vehicle Throttle.

  • Hole Sensor
  • Round Magnet
  • Spring
  • Mode Switch

Working Principle of Each Component of Throttle

Hole Sensor:- It is one of most important part of throttle, without it cannot sense the speed of the vehicle.

Normally, It has input 5V fix DC and accordingly various magnets from N Pole to S Pole, Output will vary from 0 to 5 V DC.(i.e. 0 means 0 speed, 5V means full speed of the vehicle)

Hole Sensor
Hole Sensor

Round Magnet:- It is one kind of magnet but in round shape with N pole & S Pole Magnet.

When hole sensor is near the N pole, the speed of the vehicle is zero and When Hole sensor neary to S Pole of Magnet then the speed of the vehicle is full.

It is thin and in the shape of a curved angle.


Spring:- Spring is for tightening of the twist and based on requirement spring size and dimension is varied by company to company.

Spring of Throttle

Switch:- There are no. of Switch in throttle like mode selection, reverse of vehicle, horn of the vehicles and many more functions based on availability.

See below photos of arrangement of throttle inside:


Combination of Hole Sensor, Round Magnet, Spring is the main function of throttle and it should be waterproof because in the rainy season it may create many problems.

Throttle is the control of an electric vehicle, so it should be made as good quality. Quality of the Electric Vehicle Throttle must be very good.

In India there are not many suppliers of the throttle, if you start the production of throttle then it will be a profitable business in the future.

Where, we can buy this Electric Vehicle throttle.

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Conversion kit

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