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Sales, Services & Academy of Electric Vehicles


Clean India can be possible by adopting Electric Vehicles, so EVRAJ is on a mission to  convert people from Conventional IC Vehicles to Electric Vehicles.

EVRAJ is providing knowledge on Electric Vehicles. Sales & Services of Electric Vehicles are also a prime part of EVRAJ. These are all activities to reduce Air Pollution & Sound Pollution in India.


As we all know, crude oil does not fully fill the source of energy to the world. Future will be Electric Vehicles, the only vehicles in the world. 

One Lakh Electric Vehicle Sales & Services support will be provided to people. Ten lakh Students will take courses on Electric Vehicles with us(EVRAJ). 

Guide People about Electric Vehicles

Develop new Technic on Electric Vehicles

Always Talk about future possibility of Electric Vehicles

Complete Support to Customer is our prime focus.

Our Team

EVRAJ have well known about Electric Vehicles and experienced people for completing the task as desired by Customer. 

Finding the exact need/solution of Customer is our prime focus of EVRAJ.